The Kansas Geological Survey buildings at the University of Kansas. Photo: KGS


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Seeking Ph.D./M.S. student

The HEAL@KGS research group is seeking a graduate student to begin in Fall 2021 as part of the NSF-funded Aquatic Intermittency effects on Microbiomes in Streams (AIMS) project. This project seeks to develop interdisciplinary understanding of the hydrology, biogeochemistry, and microbial ecology of intermittent streams across the US.

This student’s role will be to investigate groundwater-surface water interactions in intermittent streams during both flowing and dry phases. The student will generate new understanding of the role of groundwater in intermittent streams across the US, and also provide a hydrological basis for understanding biogeochemical and microbial processes. Therefore, an interest in collaborative, interdisciplinary research is essential. The student will get experience with field-based research in Kansas and data synthesis spanning the Mountain West, Great Plains, and Southeastern Forest regions. For more information about the HEAL@KGS research group, see our mission statement, current members, and our group values and expectations.

This position is one of 11 AIMS graduate positions across seven different institutions. All AIMS graduate students will take a cross-institutional Team Science and Collaboration course in their first year, receive support for data science instructor training through The Carpentries Foundation, have opportunities to mentor undergraduate research projects, and will work with an amazing team of scientists from the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Idaho State University, University of Alabama, University of Mississippi, University of Southern Mississippi, and Haskell Indian Nations University.

Feel free to email Sam with any questions.

To Apply

To apply, please send Sam an email with the following items attached as a single PDF:

Review of applications will begin November 1 2020, but will continue until a suitable applicant pool is achieved. Promising candidates will then be encouraged to apply to the KU graduate program.


Required Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications

Position benefits and details

Other opportunities with HEAL@KGS

We love working with new people and value the skills that all members of HEAL@KGS bring to the table. There are numerous ways to join the group, whether you are based in Kansas or elsewhere. Please see below for opportunities at the undergraduate, graduate, postdoc, and visiting scientist levels.

Before you get in touch, please read this article and this blog post for how to email a prospective advisor. While they are targeted towards people seeking graduate degrees, the points are relevant for people interested in any type of position.

Internships (undergrad/grad student or recent graduates)

The KGS Applied Geohydrology Internship program will likely be recruiting two paid interns for summer 2021. The students will contribute to a KWRI-funded project investigating the hydrology and biogeochemistry of intermittent streams in the High Plains Aquifer and will be co-supervised by Sam, Erin Seybold. and Chi Zhang. These internships are open to students or recent graduates from any institution and will pay $7200 for a 12-week summer research experience. Watch for an advertisement in spring 2021.


We often have undergraduate research opportunities spring up through various funding sources. If you are interested in gaining research experience, please get in touch and we can figure out the best options regarding research projects and funding sources.

Graduate Students


There are no currently funded postdoctoral positions open to join HEAL. I would be excited to work together to develop a mutually agreeable project and identify a suitable funding body, such as:

If you are interested, please send Sam an email.

Visiting Scientists

We love to collaborate and one of our favorite ways is to host visiting students and scientists from other institutions. Lawrence is a beautiful place to visit, whether for a week or a year. If you need a visa, sponsor, or any other paperwork, we are happy to work with you to set things up. We will arrange comfortable office space with plenty of coffee and good conversations for anyone who comes by for a visit! If you want to visit sometime, please send Sam an email.