The Kansas Geological Survey buildings at the University of Kansas. Photo: KGS

Open Positions

Interested in joining the HEAL@KGS research group?

We love working with new people and value the skills that all members of HEAL@KGS bring to the table. There are numerous ways to join the group, whether you are based in Kansas or elsewhere. Please see below for opportunities at the undergraduate, graduate, postdoc, and visiting scientist levels.

Before you get in touch, please read this article and this blog post for how to email a prospective advisor. While they are targeted towards people seeking graduate degrees, the points are relevant for people interested in any type of position.

If you are interested in a graduate position specifically, it is important to communicate with a potential advisor before you submit your official application to the university. While it may seem daunting, this can save you time and money because you won’t bother pursuing programs where there is not a relevant advisor and/or funding available. It is usually best to start emailing prospective advisors at least one year in advance since there are multiple important deadlines that must be met, and this lead time increases the potential funding sources. This is true whether you are looking at KU or elsewhere.

Currently open positions:


Graduate Students:


Visiting Scientists: